Lab Tinder


Lab Tinder allows you to connect with other students to get a lab partner! Don't know what Lab Tinder is? Scroll the the bottom of the page to see our Lab Tinder FAQ!



1. Log onto your uottawa email in your browser. You must be logged into your uOttawa email to access the links below.

2. Click on a registration link below to proceed to Lab Tinder. 

3. Enter the required information on the form. 

4. Select the course code, course section, and lab section of courses you are currently registered in. 

5. Enter the optional information on the form if you would like to share your personal interests with your peers. This will help other students to get to know you better!

6. Click “submit” once the form has been filled. 

7. Once submitted, your response will appear in the respective online directory above. From this online directory, students will be able to see each other’s lab schedules and contact information.

8. Contact other peers in the same lab section to see if they would like to be partners. Lab Tinder does not pair you up with a lab partner; it is just an online directory students can use to contact each other and find a partner themselves.

9. If you find a partner email with your name and the name of your partner so that she may remove your name from the directory. 


Courses - Fall 2019

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CHM 1301/1701/1311/1711

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PHY 1121/1521/1321/1331/1721/1731


Lab Tinder FAQ / QFD


What is Lab Tinder? / Qu’est-ce que Lab Tinder?

Lab Tinder is a service provided by the Science Students’ Association to allow students to share their laboratory schedules online with their peers with the hopes of finding a potential lab partner!


How are uOttawa science labs run? How do I find the right student to be my lab partner? 

Science labs at uOttawa usually run on a bi-weekly basis. Odd-numbered lab sections will run altogether on one week and even-numbered lab sections the following week. Lab partners ideally should meet right before the beginning of the first lab session and enter the room together! Lab partnerships are formed right at this moment! Basically, you want your potential lab partner to be in the same room and timeslot as you. This may seem obvious but some lab sections are combined in one large laboratory. All lab rooms can be found in the following link


I have found someone who has the same lab section as myself and I want this student to be my lab partner. What do I do?

Send them a quick email saying you are looking for a lab partner for a particular course. Everyone’s uOttawa email should be written in the online directory. Lab Tinder does not pair you up with a lab partner; it is just an online directory students can use to contact each other and find a partner themselves. It is strongly recommended that you meet your potential lab partner in person, just to get a feel for your compatibility as partners.


I contacted this student and we decided to be partners! Now what?

Send a quick email to saying you found a lab partner and the VP Academic will cross out the course for which you have been partnered up. This will prevent other students from further contacting you for that particular course. Also make sure to let the VP Academic know who your lab partner is, just so they are not further bothered either.


Will using Lab Tinder guarantee finding a lab partner?

No. After submitting your lab schedules, it is your responsibility to find a lab partner through the online directory.


When I try to access the online directory, it says “You need permission”. How can I fix this?

You need to be logged in to your uOttawa email to access the online directory. Lab Tinder is set up this way to only allow uOttawa students to view students’ information. Unfortunately, the SSA cannot grant access to students to edit the spreadsheet. If you need any information to be modified, send an email to


I had a last minute change to my lab schedule on Enrol. Can I edit my lab section after having already submitted the form?

Yes. After your first submission, there will be a “Edit your response” option. Once you click this, you will be able to edit your response. Otherwise, you can submit another form.


Will the information I submit through Lab Tinder be made public?

Yes, but only to those with uOttawa email address will be able to view the response spreadsheet.


Is Lab Tinder mandatory if I want to find a lab partner?

Not at all! Lab Tinder is completely optional, but it is available to all science students if they are looking for a lab partner.


If I decide not to use Lab Tinder, how can I find a lab partner?

Normally, students walk into the first lab session with a partner and the two get paired up then. Sometimes, your partner can be a complete stranger who you may not know at all. Therefore, Lab Tinder is available to students to prevent the pairing of random lab partners on the first day of lab sessions


If I decide not to use Lab Tinder, will my academic records be affected in any way?

Absolutely not! As mentioned, Lab Tinder is 100% optional, so students who do not take advantage of this service will not be penalized in any way. 

If you have any other questions, you can contact the VP Academic of the SSA (Oceanne Comtois) via