Jane Arciszewski

Hello everyone! My name is Jane Arciszewski. I am a 3rd year biochemistry student running for the role of President this year. I served on the SSA previously as both a biochemistry representative and the Vice-President Academic, and I hope to take my experience and knowledge and apply them in my role as president. This year I will strive to achieve:

  • Improving the internal functioning and relationships within the SSA:

As president, I will be very involved in the roles of both my executive and general councils by staying up to date with everyone’s work and plans. One thing that I have learned through my work with the SSA, is that to ensure quality, planning things well ahead of time and keeping long term goals in mind is extremely important. Work can pile up very quickly, and I hope to help SSA members keep on top of things throughout the year. I will use my past SSA experience to pass on advice and help improve the quality of our events and services.

Secondly, I will focus a lot of my energy on ensuring a positive work environment and sustainable relationships between SSA members. I will ensure time for executive and general council members to bond and encourage regular and open communication. I will deal with interpersonal issues quickly so that they don’t build up and cause issues within our group. This will not only increase the quality of the time that members themselves will spend on the SSA, but working well together will also contribute to the quality of our events and services.

  • Increasing our student outreach:

As of right now, the SSA only touches a very small portion of our student body in science. I want us to do better and increase this number, because reaching out to students will improve student life for more people. I will ensure a lot of promotion of the SSA during 101 week to really educate students about the services that the SSA provides throughout the entire year.

  • Working more closely with the faculty:

We are very lucky in the Faculty of Science to have a close relationship with our faculty members, and I will continue to work with them as much as possible. I have already made important contacts with student experience and events personnel in the faculty, and we have decided to work together a lot more this year to plan more combined events. I believe that combining forces for promotion will increase student turnout at the events, and having more of a student perspective in event planning will ensure that the events planned are things that students really want and are interested in. I hope to increase the number of networking and career development events that we offer, and I am going to be as involved as I can in the events held by the faculty.

All in all, there are many things that I want to accomplish, but I would also like to emphasize that I am very open to hearing suggestions from others too! I hope to make this year a great year for all of us.


Liam Kenny

Hello science students! My name is Liam Kenny and I am a third year student in math and chemistry. During the SSA executive elections, I am running for the position of Vice-President of Finances!

My Experience:

Over the course of the last school year, I have worked alongside the current executive team as the Math program representative. This role involved organizing, budgeting, and running events, as well as advocating for you, the students, both to the SSA general council and the science faculty members as a whole. My involvement on several committees, such as the Science Formal and Ontario Science Games committees, as well as with key events throughout the year, such as 101 Week, has given me the opportunity to become familiar with the budgeting and allocation of SSA funds in a way that most benefits you. I also provided some assistance to the current Vice-President of Finances in preparing the sessional financial audit – a semesterly, required summary of all SSA expenses. This offered me a unique perspective into the role and responsibilities of the VP Finances, which is why I can say with confidence I am well suited for this position.

My Plan:

  1. Organize a series of free financial literacy events for the student body which will include workshops in budgeting, intelligent investing, how to file your own taxes, and more. I believe that these are some essential skills that everyone is capable of learning, but no one know where to start. By working with financial service providers such as banks and accountants, I hope to enable students to become more financially independent and ultimately more successful as they venture further into adulthood.

  2. Ensure that financial allocations made by the SSA are available to the student body in the form of an easy-to-read budget that does more than simply list a bunch of numbers. It is important to me that you know where your money is going, and why. It would be easy to just state that one thing receives more funding than another, I want you to be able to understand WHY.

  3. There are a lot of changes concerning the governing of student bodies which are set to take effect next year. From the election of our new student union, UOSU, to changes in provincial legislature affecting the funding of student services, it is crucial that you, as students, understand how this affects you, and how it affects services you rely on. Ideally, there will be little to no change, but in the event that there is, I promise to minimize it, and effectively communicate what it entails.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me by email ( or Facebook Messenger if you have any questions regarding my platform or proposals for the year to come!


Eleni Sokou

As your Vice-President of Social Activities, and the main organizer for SSA events, I am committed to work with the rest of the elected executive and general council to make the next academic year one to remember!

I am hoping to help the relationship between SSA as a federated body and the general student population, by building connections with students across all years and increasing participation in events.

Here are a few of my goals:

  • Work closely with the rest of the SSA team and the faculty to plan fun and exciting events, and to strengthen promotion and awareness of events and services already being offered outside of the SSA.

  • Organize many more small and fun events through the whole year. Midterm de-stressers, karaoke night, open mic nights, a bar/club night (fingers crossed!) and as many opportunities as I can to give you free food!

  • Make sure that SCIENCE is a force to be reckoned with this 101-Week! We will not be going unnoticed!

  • Build on the work of our previous VP Socials to make our next Science Formal and Grad Ball a university experience you will not forget.


Sophie Gregoire-Mitha

Hey science students!

My name is Sophie Gregoire-Mitha and I’m a second-year biomedical science student running to be your Vice-President of Internal Affairs!

I have two years of experience on the SSA, which has given me lots of skills that I can use to be the best VP Internal in order to help YOU, the students in the Faculty of Science

The VP Internal is in charge of the services that the SSA offers to students, which include:

  1. Lab coat and goggle rentals

  2. Locker rentals

  3. Other rentals such as molecular model kits, dissection kits, lab gloves …

  4. Fun events every month or so for students (free food anyone?!)

As your VP Internal, it would be my goal to make sure that the change in student union and other changes will not affect the services that the SSA can offer to students. I want to make sure that lockers in Marion continue to be the cheapest lockers on campus, and that we can still throw great events for students every month.

Additionally, I want to get YOUR feedback on what the SSA can do for you! There isn’t much point in the SSA offering services that students don’t want, so I would make sure to get feedback from students on what they would like the SSA to do for them.

Finally, with the opening of the new STEM building, and within it, a brand-new office for the SSA, I want to make sure that students can access our services in STEM as well as Marion, as well as to have our monthly events not just in Marion, but to expand them to STEM and BSC as well!

Vote for Sophie to ensure that the Faculty of Science continues to be the BEST Faculty on campus!

Maja Ilijevska

My name is Maja Ilijevska and I am a first year student in biomedical science in the extended French stream and I will be running for the position of VP internal for the science students’ association. Vice president of internal affairs is responsible for managing the science lockers located in Marion, updating the SSA website and managing the SSA office space as well as its services. I have 4 years of experience of student run associations and clubs which go all the way back to high school. All of these positions have had to do with planning large scale events, coordinating groups of people, managing office spaces, and managing online accounts. I am also a very organised and dedicated person who makes sure that everything is done according to plan and done on time and I am also very passionate about helping others, and because of this I would be an excellent choice for VP internal for the SSA.

I would continue to run all that the position of VP internal entails and at the same time bring new ideas to the table.

Thank you so much and don’t forget, vote Maja Ilijevska for VP Internal!

Lauren Massey

Hi there!

My name is Lauren Massey and I am a 3rd year student in Biochemistry, and currently the VP External for the SSA. Throughout this past year, I’ve had the wonderful experience of learning the ins and outs of the SSA and I’m ready to expand my knowledge, as I present myself as a candidate for VP Internal. VP Internal is responsible for all things within the SSA – such as maintaining our email server, locker registration, and running the Services committee, which coordinates small events for the student body.

Some of the things I have in mind for next year are the following:

More Services committee events:

From what I understand, university students love free food, animals, and coffee (heck, I do too). This means that I want to keep up the free food vibe that has been going this year, with Fruity Fridays, and Back-to-school Breakfasts. I would also love to try and introduce something like pet therapy in Marion basement, because, who doesn’t love petting a cute dog and relieving some stress?! I also want to try introducing something like Muggy Mondays (like what the Sustainability office does), which would include free coffee/tea/hot chocolate if you bring in your own mug.

More collaboration:

I think collaboration is one of the most important things that a large group of people can do. I definitely think that VP Internal can do a lot more collaboration with other executives to host student events. This could include working more closely with VP Phil to work on giving back to students, or VP Social to do additional small-scale events that more students will be interested in, or getting their help with planning events.

Student Locker Rentals:

The SSA rents out lockers in Marion basement, and VP Internal is in charge of that! While I would like to work on lowering the cost of lockers, or even making them free, I understand it might not be possible due to provincial budget cuts. Our lockers are actually the cheapest on campus right now, so something I would like to propose would be potentially using a portion of the funds to lower formal costs, putting together new smaller events, or offering more free food.

I would also like to work on improving the locker registration system that is currently in place, as I think there are definitely some kinks to work through. Some of my ideas include maybe introducing an online form with preference for which level students would like their locker to be on and having them assigned, or even doing something similar to how choosing a seat at a concert works, where if one is taken, it is greyed out and free ones are highlighted. I realise both of these might be a lot of work, but I’m ready to do it for you, the students.

Vote Lauren Massey for VP Internal!


Lauren Desilets

Hi! My name is Lauren Desilets and I would love to be your VP of External Affairs for the 2019-2020 academic year. I am a second year biomed student taking my studies in French immersion (and am in fact your VP of Bilingual Affairs at the moment) and I am very excited to potentially be the liaison between other Ontario universities and the University of Ottawa. For one, the VP of External Affairs is responsible for the organization of the clubs within the SSA. I am a very responsible and organized person, so when it comes to choosing the clubs, I will be articulate about the rules and deadlines, so people are well informed. I am also an energetic and kind person, so if any questions ever need to be asked, there is no need to be shy! I will always answer them kindly and to the best of my ability. Another role would be to act as the Board of Administration Liaison which I believe I am qualified to do! I am a fast typer and attentive listener and will be eager to share information from these meetings with the Association Council. Also, if ever any student has any concerns, I will not hesitate to firmly bring them up to the Board of Administration. I am approachable and keen on wanting your university experience to be the best it can possibly be! I would also love to organize the University of Ottawa’s team for the Ontario Science Games. I am a well-rounded individual who is passionate about team work and who would have so much fun putting this team together! I am a caring and respectful individual who would give it my 100 percent when being the immediate proxy to all executive members for meeting outside of the SSA. I am calm and easy to get along with which I believe are some essential qualities in dealing with events and people outside of the SSA itself. Please vote for Lauren Desilets to be your VP of External Affairs. I would love to make your university experience a better one!


Oceanne Comtois

Hi Everyone!

You’ve probably seen me around campus (I’m albino, I’m not hard to miss) or maybe we’ve met, but if not, Hello, I’m Oceanne Comtois and I would like to be your Vice President of Academic Affairs for the 2019-2020 school year! I believe that I could make a wonderful VP Academic due to my experience on the SSA, my passion for growth and experience, as well as my charismatic and driven nature that will shape our faculty into one we can continue to proudly call ours. Throughout the past year, I have had the pleasure of serving as a Biopharmaceutical Science Program representative on the general council as well as our very first Equity Director, which has paved the way for our new incoming VP Equity. From handling administrative affairs, organizing successful department events, and even running a social media campaign with the SSA to raise awareness for eating disorders during Eating Disorder Awareness Week, I feel like I have the experience to take on a much larger role and learn new skills along the way. To demonstrate just how dedicated I am to this position and shaping our faculty for the better, I have developed this platform using input generated by first year students, current science students, and current administrative staff. In addition, I have consulted with members from other universities to see what makes their Science Student Association successful.

Bursary for Students from Marginalized Groups

With the help of the faculty, the incoming president and our internal sponsorship committee, I would like to create a bursary for students from marginalized groups studying within the faculty of science. This bursary can be awarded to someone who identifies as a woman, underrepresented minorities, and/or students with disabilities. This initiative will promote and encourage diversity and inclusion within the Faculty of Science that I believe is extremely important in building a better scientific community.

Representing Students’ Curriculum Concerns

Using my seat on the Curriculum Committee of the Faculty of Science, I would like to propose new changes that have been brought to my attention by a large number of students. For example:

  • Students who wish to retake a class they have already passed in order to obtain a better grade could have the possibility of being exempted from the lab portion if, and only if, they have passed the lab component when taking the class prior.

  • The creation or revamping of certain classes to cover newer, more relevant topics such as topics in biotechnology, systems biology, astrophysics, green chemistry, etc.

  • Organize a town hall meeting with students and invite administration to listen to program-related concerns and have their voices heard.

  • Work with administration to develop a methods class (commonly found at other universities) to better prepare students for the realities of the scientific world.

Creating More Opportunities for Growth and Work Experience

A large part of gaining knowledge comes from being able to associate what is learned in the classroom with the real world. I would like to create more professional development opportunities for students to gain new skills and experience that will allow them to build a more competitive resume and to showcase the various career prospects that can come from a science degree and not just “med school or research”.

  • Establish relationships with other faculties and clubs to create small workshops for students to gain new skills.

  • Facilitate speaker series or panel discussions for students to learn more from industry professionals.

Partnerships With Other Executive Council Members

  • Work with our VP Equity to promote good mental health practices as well as accessible lab and study spaces for students with disabilities.

Other Initiatives

  • Establish transparency and accountability by providing detailed updates in SSA meeting minutes

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for students with academic concerns

  • Continue hosting successful academic events such as Wine and Cheese, Opportunities Fair and the Last Lecture.

  • Encourage researchers to create more positions through the Work-Study Navigator, as well as encourage researchers to consider more first and second year students to volunteer in their lab.

  • Establish relationships with other university science student associations to see how we can improve from an academic standpoint

  • Promote a positive, and non-competitive Faculty of Science where failure will not be seen as shameful, but simply as an opportunity to learn and grow, and success will not be defined by a number or letter grade.

To conclude, although I have many plans, if I were to be elected as VP Academic, my main goal is to represent YOU! I am always open to suggestions and comments and I am committed to making sure that we can create a positive environment that will make these four or five years together the best we’ll ever have!

Make sure to vote for Oceanne Comtois as your VP Academic through your uOttawa emails from March 20th to March 22nd!


Ricky Saikali

Hello everyone, my name is Ricky Saikali and I am running for the position of Vice-President of Philanthropic Initiatives (VP Phil). As VP Phil, I will be responsible for philanthropic and charity initiatives held within my term. This will include the Shinerama campaign done during the summer up until the day after Labor Day.

My plans for Shinerama are to take the best fundraising activities performed in previous years and continue to use these to raise money. I will also replace the least successful activities with new ones which will be decided through focus groups. I won’t diverge too far from the current set up as I believe it was quite successful but I will try to pave a better road ahead.

My plans as VP Phil for the school year are to dedicate each month to a cause of YOUR choice. There will be donation boxes in science buildings which will be given to each specific cause at the end of the month. Throughout the month, I will also advertise facts and ways to support the cause of the month on social media and any other way I see fit.

Throughout my term, I will also host events like “Sexy Bingo”, “Queens for a Cause” and “Slam Poetry”, in support of causes such as men’s health, the LGBQT community, CHEO and more. The main idea for my original event is to host a meet and greet of philanthropic clubs on campus. This way you will be able to find a cause you think is worth supporting, these clubs can explain how they make a difference and you can choose how you can engage in the community.

I know my experience as President of “Students of Ottawa in Support of the Royal” and Vice- President of Logistics of “University of Ottawa Heart Institute Student Foundation” will allow me to excel as VP Phil but I will not rely on my thoughts alone. I want your thoughts on what I can do to help people and I will be taking your suggestions throughout the year to ensure you and everyone else a Philanthropic year. Vote for me, Ricky Saikali, so we can make a difference.

Amanda D’Attolico

About Me

Hi! My name is Amanda D’Attolico, I am a third-year biochemistry specializing in microbiology and immunology, and I am running to be your new Vice President of Philanthropic Initiatives on the SSA! I am currently one of the Biochemistry representatives sitting on the SSA general council and I have had a great experience being involved with the SSA for the first time this year. With this position I have helped organize a program sweater sale, multiple social events including “Cocoa and Cram”, “SSA Skate Night”, and a program information session for biochemistry students (big shout-out to everyone who came out!). I have also worked closely with our current VP Philanthropic on the SSA’s “phil committee” and have become familiar with the ins-and-outs of the position by assisting in contacting sponsors, event planning, and facilitating fundraising events. When I’m not in class or the SSA office you can find me volunteering in a biology lab on campus, watching Game of Thrones, or serving straight into the net at intramural volleyball!


I’m sure I speak for everyone who has participated when I say that Shine Day is the BEST day of 101-week. I’ve had an amazing time fundraising as a guide during 101-week for the past two years, and I only wish I had taken the initiative to come out and participate during my first year as a 101er. As your VP Philanthropic I am committed to getting more 101ers involved in this event by hosting events on campus such as barbeques or pep rallies, and having these transition into large groups of 101ers heading out to Elgin to help their guides fundraise! In the many weeks leading up to Shine Day I am excited to continue with the tradition of sucker runs, offering incentives such as the chance to win free food or discounted merch for those who come out and participate. Overall, I am committed to making Shinerama 2019 an unforgettable event for all involved, and will pull out all the stops to maintain the SSA’s success as the highest fundraising fed body on campus!

Philanthropic Initiatives

My main goal for the 2019-2020 year is to put the FUN back in fundraising (I’m so sorry I had to)! I believe that fundraising is something that we can and should incorporate into many (if not all) SSA social events, and I look forward to working with the next VP social in organizing possible karaoke nights, trivia nights, or club events where a portion of the proceeds can go to my charity of choice. I am also interested in starting a recurring event called “Phil Fridays”, where one Friday per month myself and the next VP internal will co-host some sort of baked goods or coffee sale in Marion basement, where the proceeds will (you guessed it) go to charity! At the end of the day, the SSA is here to represent and serve its student body, and I look forward to integrating this into many of my philanthropic initiatives.

Choosing a Charity

This term, in addition to our larger initiatives including Shinerama and Movember, I would like to focus on supporting local charities in hopes that the SSA can help make the Ottawa community a better place. Some ideas that I would like to see through include organizing mitten drives to donate to local homeless shelters during the cold winter months, and using some of our fundraiser proceeds to purchase supplies for local ethical animal shelters. I am also interested in donating to organizations that are working towards making our campus more accessible to those whose physical or mental health needs are not currently being accommodated to. Choosing which charities the SSA will support is a decision that I will handle very seriously and critically. I feel it is important that we support organizations that truly make a positive impact on society rather retaining large amounts of their profit for their own benefit, as this aligns with the morals that the SSA aims to uphold and ensures that the students in our faculty who participate in fundraising events are actually making a difference. This may mean breaking away from the traditional initiatives that the SSA chooses to support which would likely create a lot more work for myself, however if it means our faculty can have a more profound impact on the community then I welcome the challenge!

Why Vote for Me?

The burning question … what qualities do I have that will make me the best fit for your new VP Philanthropic? If three years as a science undergraduate student has taught me one thing (other than that the mitochondria is infact the powerhouse of the cell) it’s that with a little time management and a lot of iced coffee, anything is possible! I have been very fortunate to see tons of academic and personal success during my time at uOttawa, and I owe it all to my excellent organizational skills and work ethic. I would absolutely consider myself the type of person who thrives under pressure, and as the new VP Philanthropic I will welcome all of the responsibilities of my position with open arms. I pride myself on honouring all of the commitments I make, and I will do the same with my commitment to providing the students of the Faculty of Science with the service and leadership that my position entails. Finally, I believe strongly in fostering an inclusive and professional work environment within the SSA, as this will allow our association to provide its students with the best services, experiences, and representation possible.


Karishma Tailor

Hello Science students, my name is Karishma Tailor, and I’m a first year Biomedical Sciences student here. I am originally from Ottawa, and can usually be found in the Marion basement eating food, or studying in CRX. After serving on student council and the photography/graphic design team of my high school, I’ve always wanted to combine my desire to better student life, with my passion for graphic design. It is for this reason, that I am running for your Vice-President of Promotional Affairs; so that I can use my skills to ensure that you have the best possible year of university, while maintaining the strong sense of kinship that we are privileged to have, through the SSA.

What will I do for you?

I will give you opportunities. Opportunities to meet new people, chances to earn scholarships, and best of all, chances to enjoy the events of the SSA. The SSA works hard to organize events, for your pleasure. If I am elected, I will give you the maximum number of chances to partake in these events, by collaborating with social media and promotional teams to notify you of any upcoming events. As well, I promise to use my skills to create posters, and place them throughout campus, so that you do not miss out on any of the action. As well, I will give you opportunities to do what every science student loves to do; network. As your VP Promo, I will organize events with speakers from various industries and academic fields, in all stages of their career, for you to network with, and have your questions answered. We all know how important it is to meet people who can answer our questions, and I will ensure that your questions are answered, by experts in the field.

I will give you a voice. Not only would my duties as VP Promo relate to the SSA, but most importantly, they relate to you. Nothing is more important in organizing the perfect events for you, than your input. The easiest way to run the perfect event is by listening to your ideas, and if I am elected as VP Promo, I will listen. You can find me on campus from morning until night, and I am always willing to chat about what you think will better our family of science students. As well, I will be using social media to conduct surveys as a way to obtain feedback about our events, as well as potential ideas for events that would best suit you. I will convey your ideas to the SSA, where we will work as a team to incorporate and implement your ideas in the best and most feasible way possible. When I say that I will give you a voice, I mean it and I will convey your ideas about anything to the SSA, because I believe that a defining quality of VP Promo is fulfilling your wishes. This could include ideas about networking events, to ideas about the science merchandise.

I will be there to assist you. My goal as a person aligns with the SSAs goal; to help you get to where you want to be. The goal of the SSA is to make sure the lives of the students are made easier, and I will make that happen. I will make sure, to the best of my abilities, that your comments and questions to me are addressed in a timely fashion. As well, I will help you to have the time of your life at SSA events, by ensuring that you have lasting memories, in the form of photos. I will take and edit photos for you, and ensure that they are made available to you. I’ve told you all about what I will do for you if I am elected, but what qualifies me to do this role?

  • I have experience in graphic design, using Adobe Photoshop

  • I have served on student councils

  • I am an able photographer

  • I am a creative thinker, with excellent design and organizational skills

My goal as VP of Promotional Affairs would be to ensure that you live your year to its full potential. If you select my name, it is a vote for me, and for you, because I will see to it that you have the most memorable year of university. Your future memories are in your hands, therefore remember to vote Karishma Tailor for Vice-President of Promotional Affairs this March 20 to 22 in order to guarantee that those memories are good ones.

James Huynh

I am a second-year Biomed student with a passion for graphic design and a solid foundation of skills from past experiences. As VP of Promotional Affairs, I will be the creative mind behind all promotional materials, which includes poster, banners and logos. My main responsibilities will be to produce event posters to be advertised around campus, and to maintain a robust social media presence.

My goal next year is to effectively promote events and opportunities for science students to expand their knowledge, network for the future, or to just have a good time with friends! This position demands incredible communication, organization and management; I look forward to the challenge and will work hard to fulfill the responsibilities of the VP Promo in promoting the faculty of science!


Malek Rahmani


My name is Malek Rahmani and I am running for the SSA’s VP Bilingual position. My goal is to encourage bilingualism within our faculty, for example by representing the French-speaking community and by promoting opportunities for second language improvement. In fact, my mandate would be to ensure that the services offered by the SSA, its events as well as official documentation, are available in both official languages. Having grown up in a French-speaking environment while also having done a part of my secondary education in English, I am able to better comprehend the point of view of linguistic minorities. Consequently, I am aware of the challenges faced by such communities and have the desire to improve the bilingual experience at the University of Ottawa by making it more inclusive. On top of translating for the SSA, I would want to organize events whose purpose would be to promote the beauty of bilingualism, including fun trips to bilingual environments or even Karaoke nights! I am looking forward to working with you and implementing your ideas! Let’s make the S-S-A S-S-SLAY!


Anjaliya Sonnilal

Hello students of the Science Faculty! My name is Anjaliya and I’m running in the elections for the VP Equity. I want to make campus a safe space for everyone, regardless of race, sexuality, or status. Vote for me for more events accessible and inclusive to all students, because we all work really hard to be in this faculty, and our voices deserve to be heard and acted upon!