In no particular order.

1st Year Representatives

Claudia Sauvé

I'm a first year student in biomedical sciences who cares about her French language and about mental health. By being a first-year representative, I'd be there to listen to your suggestions, comments and everything else! I am listening to better represent you. I hope to make a difference around me and your vote could help me help you!

Anamaria Murgoska

If it were up to natural selection I would be your first-year representative as, by having the necessary leadership traits, I am well adapted to fulfill this position on the SSA.

I am reliable. Unlike the position of an electron in an electron cloud, I will always be where you expect me to be; advocating for the rights and needs of the first-year science students. I have great communication skills. I will be like the brain stem, connecting the student body with the SSA and working hard to relay your messages directly to the association that is representing your voice on campus. I have high potential energy, that, like in nature, cannot be destroyed; I am a very enthusiastic and friendly person, ready to hear a science pun and spread that positive energy. So feel free to approach me because like carbon, I am always looking to form some new bonds! First-year is a change that brings about many challenges: a new environment, new people and a new level of calm-stress. As your first-year representative, I will dedicate my time to helping coordinate events and resources that will make your first-year experience memorable and hopefully take your mind off of that chemistry assignment.

So, follow the methods of Uncle Darwin and select Anamaria Murgoska for 1st year rep!

Chantal MacLean

Hey guys! My name is Chantal MacLean, and I am running for first year rep! I’m in Biomedical Science (Extended French Stream), and I’m from Quispamsis, New Brunswick! I’m so excited about the opportunity to potentially be part of the SSA and help make our first year in science the best it can be! 

Here are a couple of reasons why you should vote for me:

  1. I have a lot of experience in planning events and activities! In high school, I was part of student council, was a yearbook editor and ran the Me to WE club. In these roles, I represented other students at the school, planned theme weeks and events such as coffeehouses and formals, and worked with the rest of my team promote inclusivity in our school community. In addition, this past summer, I worked as Program Director at a local summer camp. In this role, I planned the schedules and activities for each week of camp. 

  2. I am bilingual! I’ve been in immersion throughout much of my school career, and it is important to me that the SSA events and services for first year students are fully bilingual. I will work hard to make sure that this equal representation happens!

  3. I am passionate about making your university experience better! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions, and if you see me on campus, come say hi! As a first year rep, my goal is to make your voice heard, and I will work to make sure your suggestions are taken into consideration.  

Don’t forget to vote through your uOttawa email October 2nd at 6pm through October 4th at 6pm! Here’s to a great year!

Giorgio Freije

Hello, my name is Giorgio Freije, I am a first year biomed student. You should vote for me as I will proudly represent all first year science students. I am also trilingual and easy to communicate with. I will help organise many events to make your first year great!

Islombek Mukhamadiev

Good day!

I am aware that midterms are at the doorstep and therefore, I appreciate your good gesture to take part in the elections.

I, Islombek, am running as a first-year representative for the Faculty of Science students at the University of Ottawa. It is an honour to be doing so. As an individual who seeks to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos, I believe in our strong and motivated first-year community. I trust that all the individuals have the capability to go above and beyond the expectations that they perceive of themselves and the expectations that others perceive of them. I am motivated to help each and every one of the first-year students embarking on their wild and exciting journey at our phenomenal post-secondary institution. If elections are to consider choosing me as one of your six first-year representatives, I would be thrilled to take clear action in the following to the best of my abilities:

  • Organize entertaining and enjoyable events connected to academic and social aspects of university

  • Help students to navigate both academically and socially

  • Appeal and resolve any concerns regarding any subject of matter

Reda Hamza

Dear science students, 

My name is Reda Hamza, I am currently studying Biotechnology and am running for first year representative. I know what you’re probably saying : “Why should I vote for him ? Will he be good enough to represent us ?” 

To begin with, you may not know me very well, but you can put your trust in me. I am altruistic, diligent, and am a great listener. In fact, you can speak to me in French, English or Arabic. 

If you are having trouble with your studies or have any concerns about the University, feel free to contact me anytime. I know it can be hard to be heard, especially as first years, but I promise to be your voice! 

The six students you will choose as your first year representatives will be the ones who will be speaking for you. 

If you choose me to be one of them, I promise to always listen to you patiently and support you in any way possible. As a significant part of uOttawa, it’s in your hands to choose the right people to be your voice. 

Choose Reda Hamza for first year representative ! Thank you. 

Carson Baker

Carson Baker is an incredibly passionate and driven representative with numerous experiences in the field-- from being Prime Minister of his school's student council, sitting on the board of directors of a local riding association of a political party, or representing Canadian companies as a youth ambassador in Peru, Singapore, and Malaysia-- he works tirelessly to get work done and ensure those he is working for are heard, and benefit from his work. 

As a first year representative, Carson wishes to ensure that the voice of the first year populations are heard in their entirety, and wishes to work together with other representatives to ensure that mission is effectively completed. In doing so, he wishes to help open a dialogue between the first year students and their representatives to ensure that all interests, and all viewpoints are being brought to the table in the SSA's general council.

Sandra Fang

Want to make this year a bang? Make sure to vote for Fang

Pierre Azzi

Hi guys,

My name is Pierre Azzi, I'm a dedicated first-year biomedical student with a goal in mind. My goal is to make our first year the start of an amazing university experience. I'm a great listener, hard and persevering team worker. I'll make sure that our voice is heard and will make this year a year to remember.

Raina Barara

I plan to ensure that first year students feel heard; I want to build a community and certify that everyone has a voice in SSA decisions. I hope to represent all science students' concerns, and make this the best possible year for first years. I will speak out and guarantee that we as first year students have a place in science events. I hope to bring new ideas to the table (such as more inter-faculty events). As we are a multi-talented faculty, I believe it would be interesting to have events where we can showcase our various talents (artistic, etc) for a good cause. In previous years, I have been the Head of Me2We Club, organizing and setting up several events for the club. I have also been the Head of the Auxiliary Committee (Student Council), helping organize dances, and doing bag & coat check for my school. I speak English, French, Greek, and Hindi, and hope that this will help me communicate with a wider variety of students. I am deeply interested in your happiness and your wellbeing, and will do my best to keep your spirits up. This year, I hope to be a representative that you can confide in, and someone who can be a part of your university experience. 

Cortny Jardine

Prabasha Rasgatra

Simran Ghotra

Aidan Abraham

Yasmine Sanchez-Hayorga

Ragav Chona

Evan Charloewy

Biomedical Science Representative

Amanda Maniraho

Hey! My name is Amanda Maniraho, I’m a 3rd year Biomed student minoring in Psychology. Being in this program for more than two years now, I feel that I’m more than experienced to become your Biomed representative and give something back to all of you.

By electing me as your representative, I will work to make sure to listen to your concerns and serve as a good messenger between you, the students, and the Science Student Association. I will work to be the best spokesperson I can be and help you all through this upcoming year. I hope that you will allow me to do so by choosing me as YOUR voice!

Please don’t hesitate to come and talk to me or get in touch! I look forward to meeting you :)

Emiliyan Staykov

Hi there! 

I will keep this short and simple. 

Why should you vote for me? Answer: Experience.

I was the SSA’s Volunteer Coordinator (VC) THIS YEAR, and a 101 Week Head Guide for the 3 years before that! 

Want more concrete reasons? 

#1 - As a former executive, I have personally worked with the SSA executive council. Therefore I am very familiar with how it operates, which allows me to better serve the student population. 

#2 - I have experience organizing and executing large-scale events, as this was something I did for my group of 130+ volunteers as VC! 

#3 - My experience as a Head Guide has given me the chance to interact meaningfully with students from each year from 1st to 4th, giving me perspective. 

This year I want to make a difference in your student life outside of 101 Week, and I feel eager and well equipped to do so! 

What will I do for YOU? Answer: Listen. 

Biomedical Science Representatives are in charge of organizing 2 events throughout the year - an academic and a social one. My aim, if elected, is to make these events are about YOU. 

I want to know what YOU want to see, do, or take part in, and I will work hard to tailor our events to our BIM student population’s diverse interests! I will accomplish this by polling the student body, either in person or online and picking the option(s) people are most interested in!

Whether it is inviting an influential person to hold a talk or hosting a professional school night of choice (Med, Pharm, Dent.) I will make sure that it will all be student driven!

Yazmin Olla

Hello hello and welcome to my platform! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read it. As you can see, I'm running to be one of your two biomed reps for this upcoming school year. As your rep I would try my best to make your life as a science student a little bit more bearable. As a bim student I know how important it is to make connections between other people in the bim community like other students, alumni and your professors, who could help you out and support you throughout your undergraduate journey. Having events that reinforce a community would allow you to make those types of connections, which I think could be very beneficial to your learning, social life and sanity! In addition to having educational/informative events, fun and lighthearted events are always a good time too. Having previous SSA experience under my belt, I know what works and what doesn't and I would use that knowledge to do my best in providing you with great events and allowing you to have a wonderful year. I'm enthusiastic, passionate, a team player, organized and slightly intelligent so you would be in amazing hands. I’m also always more than open to suggestions, so you could have a voice too. You have two votes and I'm only asking for one! I've been a rep before and I would love it if you gave me the chance to do it again, you won't be disappointed. Vote Yazmin Olla for bim rep 2019-2020! 

Nichole Dai

Hi everyone! My name is Nichole Dai, currently in second year and I am running to be one of your Biomedical Science Representatives for the Science Students’ Association (SSA)! Last year, I had the privilege to be on SSA as one of your First Year Representatives and I would love to have the opportunity to be able to serve you again this year. With this position, here are the main things I will be focusing on: 

  1. Opportunities! Biomedical science is a program in the science faculty that has many electives and allows us to have many directions in the future. This includes, but is not limited to, specializing into different streams, co-op and TMM (translational and molecular medicine). I want to be able to provide you with all the information you need about what this program can do for you in terms of which path to take in the future and all the resources. 

  2. Networking! Networking is super important and I understand that! This is why I want to be able to provide more opportunities to network and build your connections. I want to bring in people who are already healthcare professionals or students who are in post undergraduate schools to come in and talk about their experiences and provide tips and advice to help you and your future. 

  3. Being YOUR Voice! Biomedical science make up a big portion of the science faculty and I understand it can be difficult to have your voice heard. However, if you give me the chance to be your biomed rep, your voice and ideas WILL be heard and I WILL act on it. 

As mentioned above, I did previously have the privilege to be on SSA. With this experience, I have learned a lot on how to serve you and I hope you trust me to give me one of your votes as your Biomedical Science Representative. Thank you!

Madisson McKone

Any BIM student could tell you that our program is one of the most versatile programs within the faculty. This is why one of my goals is to highlight the many other career/ grad opportunities available for BIM students besides medicine. Despite the excellent base biomed provides to people who want to go into medicine, this is not always the case for many of its graduates. We are more than just the “pre-med program” and I hope to provide events, opportunities and information to assist students on whichever career path is right for them.

I plan to upkeep and implement resources to increase the accessibility of information for things like honours projects, UROP, faculty information sessions, conferences etc. I think a big reason why a lot of students aren’t aware of these things is because they find it overwhelming and I intend to work with the faculty to make them less daunting. Academic information and events aren’t the only thing that make a university experience complete, and I would love to have more activities throughout the school year that don’t revolve around midterm or exam season. Collaborating with the other program representatives to provide these things is something I’m very interested in as well.

One of my passions other than science is art and design and I would love to be able to combine the two to facilitate the creation of biomed merch whether that’s clothing items, laptop stickers, pins etc. to rep the program many of us chose this school for.

My biggest goal for this year however, is to be active on social media platforms and engage with BIM students to hear their ideas and concerns. With incoming students only becoming more tech savvy, I think this is an important transition.

Entering my fourth and final year at this university, I believe I have a good understanding of where things have gone right and where we could improve, and I hope I am given the opportunity to bring these exciting ideas to the table.

Haya Hawari

Maja Ilijevska

Biology Representative

Dana Martin

As your biology representative, I will be responsible for making sure everyone within the department of biology is well represented and connected. I will ensure that students have their voices heard when it comes to making important decisions such as those relating to course or program changes. I will also create an environment where students feel comfortable coming forward if they are facing any issue or have any concerns related to their program. Furthermore, I would like to create better connections between biology professors and students by planning an event where they can network, ask questions and learn about rewarding opportunities like scholarships, research, lab work, etc. Finally, I want to make sure that every student feels supported which is why l want to plan a social event for biology students where we can all get to know each other and make friends within our program. I will do my best to represent the department of biology and fulfill the needs of every student within it.

Djems Hyacinthe


My name is Djems Hyacinthe, I am of Haitian heritage, but grew up in Montreal so I speak French, English and Creole. Currently, I am in my third year of biology, and specialize in ecology, evolution and animal behavior at the University of Ottawa. I aspire to one day become an ecologist specialized in the conservation of apex predators or endangered species. On a more personal note, I am a guy of multiple interests, some of them are; music, piano and saxophone, sports, specifically soccer and dancing, and animation, big fan of the Ghibli studio. I would love to travel the world and capture one of those classic bio-Teacher “look-at-that-mountain” type of a photo.

I want to become the representative of the biology students within the faculty of science because I would like to involve myself more in the betterment of our department by facilitating student self-development and reinforcing a sense of community within the students. If elected, the academic and social event I am planning for this year are as follows:

-By speaking to my friends and other biology students, I’ve come to realise that a lot of us don’t know what learning opportunities, job or graduate studies are available to us. Some students find that they have a rough draft but have not worked out the finer details while others are completely in the dark. The truth is that the university has a lot of resources in place that can prove to be very useful to students in those situations yet very few are aware of them. That is why as an academic based event, I would like to organise a fair where all those resources would be gathered in one place with a couple of teachers to make it easier for students to just drop by and gain access to these very useful information. 

- As for the social event, I plan to organise an ice-skating activity on the rideau canal. Volunteers would be placed to teach those who’ve never ice skated before. Beavertails would be provided to bring a nice homely touch to this de-stressing event.  Winter blues can be hard on moral for a lot of us, so making use of one of the nicest skating rinks in Ottawa would hopefully make winter more enjoyable. 

Other activities may also be organised if any of you have suggestions. I’m all about bringing everyone's ideas together and making something great out of it.

Terresa Kim

Hey there!  

My name is Terresa Kim and I am running for Bio Rep!  I am currently a second year Biology student in the Extended French Stream.  

Since Biology is a smaller program, I would like to create opportunities for our members to connect and interact outside of the classroom through events and info sessions. As the program representative, I will also ensure that every student’s voice is heard.  In order to fulfill this, I will aim to be open and available to interact with students. Please feel free to reach out to me with any thoughts, comments, questions or concerns! I look forward to working with you in making this year a great one

Biochemistry Representative

Lauren Massey

Hey Biochem! 

My name is Lauren Massey and I’m in my 4th year of biochemistry. I actually recently just switched into biochem last year, and honestly this is the best program in science, and I’m loving it. I’m super excited to be running for the position of Biochemistry representative on the SSA, for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Having previously been the VP External on the SSA, I think I have a lot of great qualities needed for this kind of position. I’m extremely organized, very personable and I also like to be the voice for those that need it. As Biochem rep, I would attend faculty meetings and advocate for students in the biochemistry program, where they are concerned. I would also work together with my partner representative to plan an academic info event, as well as a social event for biochemistry! 

For the faculty meetings, I would be interested in setting up a Google Form so that people could speak their mind about the program and do my best to advocate for you in response to your suggestions and concerns. For the info event, I would like to work to plan an event based on job opportunities for students in biochemistry, that don’t just include research and medicine/pharmacy, etc. For the social event, I would also like to send out a Google Form to see what biochemistry students would be interested in doing, so that we can cater to everyone’s interests. Finally, since last year’s biochemistry sweater sale was such a success, I would also like to do that again this year and offer the opportunity for a biochemistry student to design the logo for the sweaters! 

I hope that I can count on your votes for this year’s general council election! 

Amanda D’Attolico

About Me 

Hi! My name is Amanda D’Attolico, I am a fourth-year biochemistry student specializing in microbiology and immunology, and I am running to be your Biochemistry Representative on the SSA for the 2019/2020 school year! I have previously been involved with the SSA as a 101 week guide for the past three years, as well as serving as biochem rep for the 2018/2019 term. This experience has not only allowed me to gain knowledge in planning events, conducting merchandise sales, and how the SSA functions, but it has also given me the unique opportunity to learn from my first term in this position and think about what I would do differently if I were lucky enough be elected again. 


In March 2019 I was responsible for designing and implementing a program sweater sale for biochemistry students. I am very happy with how this initiative turned out and if elected I would like to expand this sale to include laptop stickers or even hats! This of course would happen based on the feedback I receive from the students themselves – more on that later.  


Program reps on the SSA are given the exciting task of planning one social and one academic event for their students. I understand that science students are not often eager to attend extra social engagements on top of their busy schedules, and I hope to increase turn out by planning events that you just can’t say no to! Some of my ideas include karaoke night, trivia night, or club night, but I am always open to suggestions! 


For the academic event, I hope to collaborate with other program reps like biopharm and chemistry to plan a career fair that highlights what opportunities there are for biochemistry graduates outside of academia. I also hope to use this event as an opportunity for students to network with their peers, professors and industry professionals! 

Program reps also get the opportunity to represent the student body at faculty council meetings – meetings with a group of biochemistry professors discussing curriculum updates and developing new courses. The information from these meetings is typically shared at SSA meetings, the minutes from which are later posted on the SSA website. I hope to make this information more readily available for students by keeping them updated on when these minutes go live, or even posting them myself on our own biochemistry social media account. I would also like to collect input from students before attending this meeting so I can make sure the biochemistry student body is being well represented on this council. 

Program Community

If elected, my primary goal this term will be to promote more communication among biochemistry students of all years and specializations. Traditionally, program reps looking for feedback from their student body will send out an email linking to a google form that they have to fill out. While this has been somewhat effective, I feel that using a social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram to do this will reach a larger audience and allow me to gain a better understanding of what sort of events and ideas biochemistry students are interested in. I also hope to use this platform for study tips, note sharing, and keeping students updated on events going on in the SSA! 

Thank you for reading my platform! If you liked what you saw, make sure to vote for Amanda D’Attolico for Biochemistry Rep! 

Denis Qeska

Hi everyone! My name is Denis Qeska and I am running to be your BCH Rep. 

As your rep, I hope to work with all of you to integrate your ideas to make your year better. Did you know that Denny’s is open 24/7? Likewise, this Denny is open to your suggestions at any time.

I already have two years of experience being part of SSA, and was your BCH Rep. last year., so I know a thing or two about organizing events like the BCH info session, skating on the canal, Cacao and Cram, Coffee House, and Games Night. As a part of the Scholastic Events Committee, I helped organize networking events such as Wine and Cheese. I also have experience with keeping you in the loop about ongoing events through class talks. With your support, I hope to continue doing all of the above and more.

I think we can all agree that navigating online researcher profiles can be quite daunting when interested in research. This past year I co-hosted a Biochemistry Info Session which many of you attended. This was an opportunity to learn more about potential paths after your degree and hear more about the work of professors in our department. One thing that I would include this year is representation from industry and professional schools. Many more options exist besides academia and I want to connect you with a wide variety of opportunities so you can pursue your passions. If you are interested in learning more about academic writing, UROP, NSERC, or national research programs, then look no further. I have experience in all four that I would be thrilled to share as your BCH rep. While these are just a few of my ideas, I look forward to hearing from you and applying your suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to read this blurb!

Re-elect Denis!

Maya Elkbouli

Being a Biochemistry student is hard. The course load is quite intense and that prevents us from focusing on other important aspects of our lives. We know deep down that we are supposed to be doing more than just school work but the massive course load stops us from nourishing other sides of ourselves. As I thought about this over the summer, I realized that it's time for biochemistry students to have a representative who is not only an advocate but also understands our needs. We deserve to have a break. We deserve to have events that are educational and will help guide us and give us tips. These events can present to us different possible career options and other beneficial information. We also need entertaining events which will help reduce our stress. As a biochemistry representative, all of the events that I will be offering will have one common goal; which is making sure that all biochemistry students are connected, heard and well-represented. So, vote for Maya today for a better and less stressful tomorrow.

Samuel Durand

Hello science students, my name is Samuel Durand and I am a second-year student in biochemistry. As biochemistry representative, I would like to give opportunity and information to the biochemistry students in the ways that would have benefitted me first-year. I would like to inform biochemistry students all about the pertinent ways they can get involved as well as giving support to the needs of all kinds of biochemistry students. If voted in as the biochemistry representative, I would add upon the knowledge and support available to biochemistry students to help you grow as individuals.  

Max Zimmermann

My name is Max Zimmermann, I am in my second year of biochemistry and I am running to be your biochemistry representative to make your voice heard. I truly enjoy working hard and helping out in the community. I am asking for you to consider voting for me, so I can help to make a difference in the school and make sure everyone has a chance to input their opinion. I have strong organizational and leadership skills that I believe will help me to make sure everyone in biochemistry feels represented. I want to continue to support the great programs that we have on offer in our school, but also add what would be beneficial to us as students.

Environmental Science Representative

Rae Landriau

Hello everyone my name is Rae Landriau and I want to be your environmental science representative on the SSA council. I have so many new ideas that I want to bring to students of environmental science to not only help us with our undergrads but further education and future jobs as well. I want to have info nights for student so that they can understand what they are able to do with their degree as well as amazing work opportunities while they are still in school. In addition to this I want to help create a community amongst the environmental science students through events that would allow both upper year and lower year students to get to know each other. Overall I want to create a fun year filled with cool events and a more information about what you can be done with your degree in order for you to achieve your personal goals.

Biopharmaceutical Sciences Representative

Tarasha Sharma

Hello fellow BPS students!

My name is Tarasha Sharma and I would be very happy to be your BPS rep this year! Here are some little facts about me:

-          2nd year BPS student

-          Undergraduate summer research experience in developing anti-cancer vaccine

-          101 Week Science Guide

-          Foodie

My goals for this year are:

-           Help ALL BPS students explore research & volunteer opportunities by hosting events with profs, BPS graduates, and organizations in the pharmaceutical industry so you have a better idea of what specialization and career path you’d like to pursue.

-          Hosting professional development workshops that teach key skills such as CV writing, NSERC, & UROP applications.

-          Maintain open communication. As your rep I will be available to make sure that all your questions are answered and that you are provided the correct resources.

-          Organizing a BPS students’ get-together where we can eat good food and meet each other, because we all need a break from studying.

As your rep, I will strive to create an enriched experience for all BPS students. Remember, TS for BPS!

James Buss

Hi! My name is James Buss, I am a second-year student here at uOttawa and I’m running for the position of biopharm rep. I am running because I love our program and would be honoured to represent it, also I like the idea of having the power to do cool things for the students. For instance, if I am elected, I will design biopharm hoodies so we can flex on all the biomed students! I would like to put on a couple events throughout the school year, either academic or for fun, but that can be decided by voting later. I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Our program is cool, and I want everyone to know it, so vote for me, you won’t regret it! 

Moatter Syed

Chemistry Representative

Michael Triglav

Howdy! My name is Michael Triglav, I am in third year and I am running to be your Chemistry Representative to the SSA. If I am elected, I will make sure to voice the concerns and ideas of our small little program to the executive team. Although there aren’t many of us, I know we are an amazing group of students and representing this program would be an honour.

As for why you should vote for me:

  • I love helping out! I have been recognized on numerous occasions as someone who can be relied upon. Whether it be for mundane tasks, helping friends out with course material, or leading a group; I love helping out and doing what I can to make a positive impact.

  • I am passionate about both learning and teaching chemistry. As previously stated, I don’t shy away from helping out classmates with course material. I thoroughly enjoy breaking down and explaining difficult concepts. As for learning these new concepts, I was one of the few who actually enjoyed studying for CHM 2330 - Introduction to Properties of Matter, and figuring out a difficult mechanism in organic chemistry definitely hits some kind of way.

  • I am personable. I love meeting new people and learning about their experiences. I take what people say to heart and I remember a lot of the conversations I have. If you’ve spoken with me, chances are I will remember you!

Again, representing Chemistry would be something I would love to do and something I believe I would excel at. If I am voted to general council, I will be sure to do my very best at representing all of you!

Biotechnology Representative

Heather Sharp