Our services are overseen by our Services Committee, who are consistently striving to better the student experience. If you have any questions about our services or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Take a look below for more!


Lab equipment

We sell lab coats and goggles (cheaper than what you will find at the campus bookstore!), molecular model kits, dissection kits, and gloves all right out of our office. Don’t want to purchase any of these? We also do daily and semester long rentals for much of this equipment!


We host various free or low-cost events for students, which often feature free food!! We also host several larger scale events such as a Wine and Cheese to network with professors, Science Formal, and of course 101 week! Other social events that we run are things like trips to Saunders Farm for Halloween and Pi Day. 


Scholarships & Grants

The SSA allocates $8000 dollars towards science student-specific scholarships that help students cover their tuition and living expenses. We also provide up to $15 000 in grant money to support students in attending conferences and other science related events that they may not have been able to attend otherwise.

Locker Rentals

Need somewhere to store your stuff while you’re in class? The SSA is proud to provide the cheapest lockers on campus to our students.

Summer Locker Rentals

If you would like to register for a summer locker, please fill out the following form!



We design, produce, and sell science merchandise at cost so that we can all represent our faculty with pride.

Any inquires related to any merchandise to be directed our Logistics Coordinator Patricia Rosales at

Lab Tinder

Do you have a lab this winter semester? Are you and your bestie not in the same lab section? Don't fear, for Lab Tinder is here! Lab Tinder is a service offered by the SSA-AÉS that helps you get that great lab partner that you desperately need. Click here for more. (NOTE: The page is in English and French as our French site is under construction).



Room Bookings

We handle room bookings for the Marion basement common room and study rooms in our STEM office. If you would like to book a room, please email