Frequently Asked Questions

Read below for answers and information related to common questions about the Science Students’ Association. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please email us in the contacts below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the SSA? Why does it exist?

The Science Students’ Association is the governing federated body for all undergraduate Science students at the University of Ottawa. With a council of 33 members, we represent the 4,000+ students in the Faculty of Science at the University of Ottawa. We exist to represent the interests of students at both the Faculty and University levels.

How does the SSA represent me?

The SSA has 21 program representatives that directly represent the students at the Faculty level. Each program representative attends Faculty Council meetings as well as Department Meetings, and takes part in the decision making process for program and course changes. They consistently communicate with department members to inform them of any issues students are facing. In certain cases, program representatives will even sit in on interviews for new professors.

How can I get in touch with my program representative?

To get in touch with your program representative, you can use our contact form below or e-mail them directly (e-mails can be found here).

How does one get involved in the SSA?

There are three tiers of positions in the SSA: Executives, Departmental Representatives and Managers. Executive elections occur in March, General Council (for Departmental Representatives) elections occur in September and Managers are selected in March. For more information about elections, click here.

You can also volunteer with the SSA. Just click here for more information.

Where is the SSA office? When is it open?

The SSA office is located in Marion 023, across from the Marion Common Room and in STEM. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30AM-5:30PM from September to April. Students are more than welcome to come meet our council, hang out, or inquire about our services.

What kind of events do you hold? Who can attend your events?

The Science Students’ Association hosts a variety of events, including both social and academic events. Examples of social events include 101 Week, trivia nights, themed parties, Science Formal, Grad Ball, and even a 24-hour snow fort competition! Our academic events include guest speakers, wine and cheese events, and an undergraduate research poster competition. Click here for more events!

What services do you offer?

We offer a multitude of services including free rentals, room bookings, scholarships & grants, locker rentals, and much more. A list of our complete services can be found here.

Do you accept debit/credit/student cards?

Yes! We now accept debit and credit cards as payment, in addition to cash, cheques and PayPal. Unfortunately, we do not accept student cards as payment.

If we didn’t cover your question above, you can contact the following:

  • For program specific questions please contact your Department Representative.

  • For questions regarding SSA services please contact Sophie, your VP Internal at

  • For questions regarding social functions please contact Eleni, your VP Social at

  • For all budget and finance questions please contact Liam, your VP Finance at

  • Any other questions can be sent by filling out the form below.

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